ELkenany group’s partnership

Elkenany group company and its platform ” elkenany website” have participated in several successful partnerships with many pioneer companies in several sectors

including those specializing in the field of poultry production, farms, and distribution companies

Also the animal and fish sector, Arabian horses, pharmaceutical companies & equipment firms 

Who is the official sponsor of El-Kenany platform?

Elkenany‘s partnerships include several leading companies in the agricultural and veterinary fields, headed by:

  • Al-Watania Poultry Group of Egypt

  • Cairo A3 Investment Company

  • Assiut Investment Company

  • Sami Ayed Poultry Company

  • Ayad Poultry Production Company

  • Siraj and Rizk Trading Company

  • Nasco Egypt Company

  • 2M Packaging feed Additives Company

  • Tanbul Poultry Investment Company

  • Al Sherif Company for Trading and Supplies

  • Hassan Al-Gharib group

  • FBI for Animal Health company

  • Tiba for poultry grandparents

  • Al Salah commodities Company

  • Ninety Poultry Company

  • Egyptian Dutch Feed “Tareq Hala”

  • Antarko Feed Factory

  • Al-Dakahlia trap for poultry

  • New Asas Equipment Company

  • Nefertiti Feed Company

  • Shixi Poultry Company

EL-Kenani Group visitors, we have presented you with the most important information about EL-Kenany Group sponsors in this article, We hope that we have provided you with all the details clearly with all credibility and transparency. We hope to provide you with all the new updates.

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