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Elkenany Group

Discover excellence with Elkenany Group Shareholding Company, a leading investor in the Egyptian market for 14 years. Since our establishment, our name has become synonymous with reliability and quality in the agricultural trading field.

As we commit to catering to the needs of our clients, we dedicate our expertise to offering a diverse range of services, which includes importing and exporting different agro products, marketing solutions, and various landscape innovations. Explore our website to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business success.

الكناني جروب- elkenany group

Strategic Holdings, Sustainable Futures



We aim for excellence in all our endeavors, offering superior products and services. 


We continuously seek new ways to grow and improve, embracing change and creativity.


We conduct our business with honesty and fairness, building trust with our clients.


We’re dedicated to integrating social and environmental considerations into our business strategy.

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Chairman’s Message

“Our aim is not only to build the local market but also to embark on long-term development projects that mirror our strategic vision. Our journey is one of growth, innovation, and a deep-seated belief in making a difference in the communities we serve”
- Gamal ElKenany

Latest News

Elkenany Group’s Success Story

How Did Elkenany Group’s Journey Started? Elkenany Group’s journey started locally, focusing on limited feed raw materials. The company’s early days witnessed a deep understanding of the market’s needs and how to meet them, quickly building a reputation for reliability. However, through strategic efforts and dedication, the company expanded its range of products, incorporating more…

July 4, 2024
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Ultra Direction Marketing Agency: Elkenany Goes Digital

In today’s viral digital culture, establishing an online presence is vital for business success. Elkenany Group understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve and how digitalization is heavily affecting today’s business environment. As such, Elkenany established the Ultra Direction Marketing Agency in Egypt, helping businesses reach broader audiences and achieve operational efficiency. Ultra…

May 1, 2024
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Elkenany Group highlights the situation of Egyptian exports

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring.

June 26, 2022
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Elkenany Group’s Core Philosophy

At Elkenany Group, we prioritize integrity, innovation, and quality, driving transparency in market practices and fostering sustainable growth. Our dedication to ethical operations and empowering local and global communities ensures that we have a positive impact on the agricultural sector. We aim to bridge local needs with global opportunities, maintaining excellence and trust.