El-Kenany Group


We always strive to perform our business in a correctly manner and deal with each other in an environment of honesty and frankness and we believe that the integrity of our business will lead to the joint success of both the company and the individuals.


We respect our co-workers and customers and treat them the way we want to be treated. We trust each other's abilities and intentions and know that employees work best when there is a basis for trust.


We believe that teamwork creates an environment of diversity and creativity, and all individuals must constantly develop themselves and others. We encourage and expect all individuals to excel and executive.

Our Mission

Our Vision


We aim to perform our work in a clearly and effectivly manner so we create everything that enhances the added values of our leading brand.

Passion For Success

We strive to be the best in the areas relevant to the company's strategy.


We perform our duties and strive to maintain them for the benefit of the company and individuals.

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