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From Grain to Gain

In 2010, in the city of Mansoura, the foundations for Elkenany Group Shareholding Company were laid under the leadership of Dr. Gamal Elkenany. Starting out, we focused on agricultural trading, driven by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Fast-forward 15 years, and we have grown in size and ambition, expanding to Cairo to better serve our ever-growing client base across Egypt. Through hard work and dedication, we have built an extensive network that spans the local and international markets, importing and exporting premium agricultural commodities. However, our ambitions didn’t stop there; using our expertise, we’ve branched into other fields, from landscape services to comprehensive marketing solutions. Each step of our journey reflects our commitment to excellence.




Our Vision

To be the leading company in importing and exporting top-tier commodities, as well as cutting-edge marketing, media, and landscape services. We are dedicated to fulfilling our commitments to the Egyptian market and the Middle East.

Our Mission

To support and enhance the agricultural sector, contributing to the development of the local market through sustainable and long-term development projects. Our mission is guided by a commitment to adapt, innovate, and use our resources efficiently to meet the evolving needs of our world.

Dr. Gamal Elkenany | Growing Success

Dr. Gamal Elkenany is an entrepreneur with an inspiring journey. A veterinarian whose success story began with a humble store selling feed raw materials, chicks, and veterinary medicines and an additional modest area for veterinary services. However, Dr. Elkenany’s vision and determination have driven his business to new heights. 

Early Beginnings and Growth

From his humble beginnings, his business expanded into trading a wider variety of feed raw materials, recognizing the growing needs of the market. As his reputation grew, so did his ambitions; his first major achievement was the establishment of his first company in Cairo, Egypt, responding to the evolving customer base and establishing his presence at the heart of Egypt’s bustling economy. 

Leading the Agricultural Sector

Fast-forward to today: Dr. Gamal Elkenany became one of the leading figures in the agricultural sector, establishing himself as a key player in importing and exporting products globally. Dr. Elkenany’s contributions have been significant in reviving the Egyptian economy in the past few years, which earned him the position of Chairman of the Agricultural Committee in the Arab Women Investors Union.

Through this role, he has been able to pursue his goals of improving the Egyptian economy by establishing global protocols and partnerships to ensure the stability of the global market during pricing challenges and supply deficits. In addition, he has been able to follow recent updates, trends, and technological innovations through his participation in both local and international events and exhibitions. 

Investing in the Future

Dr. Elkenany is not only focused on the present but also on investing in the future. He is committed to nurturing talents and providing opportunities for the youth, whether experienced or fresh graduates, to demonstrate their potential and grow. 

Understanding the importance of diversification and market development, Dr. Elkenany has branched into various sectors, from marketing to media production, recognizing the power of digitalization in today’s economy. In addition, Dr. Elkenany is interested in sustainability and environmental preservation, leading to the establishment of his landscape company on a mission of expanding green spaces and promoting environmental health.

Dr. Gamal Elkenany’s journey is far from over. His ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation continues to drive the Elkenany Group forward. As he evolves internationally, he focuses on contributing positively to the global agricultural sector and beyond.

Elkenany Group’s Core Philosophy

At Elkenany Group, we prioritize integrity, innovation, and quality, driving transparency in market practices and fostering sustainable growth. Our dedication to ethical operations and empowering local and global communities ensures that we have a positive impact on the agricultural sector. We aim to bridge local needs with global opportunities, maintaining excellence and trust.