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DR. Gamal El-Kenany says some remarks on Bitary today’s radio

“Controlling the commodities crisis is an imperative”

Dr. Gamal El-Kenany Chairman of the Board of Directors of the El-Kenany Group for Industry and Investment highlights some remarks to “Bitary today radio” indicated in his phone call to the latest news program, “Bitary today”, with journalism Nihad Abdel-Gawad, that forage raw materials crisis has reached its climax, and that the prices of commodities will decrease in the coming period and will not witness a new rise in prices. Prices and it won’t get any worse.

He stressed, explaining the concept of “the king of the market and commodities,” which was launched by one of the customers, and he feared that customers would understand this term as a monopoly on commodities and that the difference between the king and the monopolist is great.
He explained that the “king” El-Kenany Group for Industry and Investment is trying to provide commodities to all its customers in all parts of the governorates on a daily basis, while the monopolist takes advantage of the crisis and works to monopolize and collect commodities in order to control them and manipulate prices.

Solution of the commodities crisis

Dr. Gamal El-Kenany confirmed that his company was able to control the organization of the sale movement to its customers and eliminate the mediator between him and the consumer, as he used social networks for his benefit and established a special marketing company for his company, which was concerned with providing advertising in order to communicate directly with customers and reduce links and prevent interference Intermediaries to facilitate the sale process and its progress without obstacles.

El-Kenany explained that the company announces the prices of commodities on a daily basis and provides continuous follow-up with its customers regardless of the daily price expectations of the market, as it determines its daily prices and discloses all the details of interest to the customer in order to greatly control the exploitation of merchants who monopolize prices and exploit small breeders in the poultry field and animal.

The market under the forces of supply and demand

He continued during his statement to Vet Today that the market consists of the law of supply and demand and that no one can control or manipulate prices.

He said during his talk, if mothers and grandfathers companies were able to control the market, they would be able to control raising prices during the slight price for mothers and grandfathers, as it was almost free, but this did not happen, which indicates that the market is under the control of the law of supply and demand.
El-Kenany expressed his anger at the non-professional media, which causes confusion among educators and consumers because it did not provide accurate information and manipulated young educators.

Small breeders are the victim

He stressed that the people affected in the current crisis are small fattening and laying breeders, and this is because both importers and retailers of feed raise prices to cover costs exaggeratedly.

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