الكناني جروب
الكناني جروب

Elkenany group Activities

Al-Kenany Group, the owner of Al-Kenany group companies, as it is responsible for the service of importing and distributing commodities in Egypt and the owner of Agro Land Exhibition

It also owns El-kenany application, which is the first platform leading the agricultural and veterinary sector, divided into the poultry,  animal, fish, and Arabian horse sectors.

Al-Kenany Group is classified as a distributor of commodities such as yellow corn, soybean, Gluten, and many other commodities.

Al-Kenany group Company added good news about adding new commodities to the list at the beginning of the  Ramadan month, and distributing them on a wider scale to traders and distributors, as it specified a certain quantity for each commodity.

الذرة الصفراء
yellow corn

The available commodities at Al-Kenany Group:

  • all types of yellow corn

  • Brazilian-American

  • Argentine-Serbian

  • Ukrainian-Romanian
  • Soybeans 46%
  • Soybeans 44%
  • Gluten 60% 

  • DDJ S 36%

  • sunflower 36%

  • Extracted soybean oil

  • Refined soybean oil

  • soybean husk

    Al-Kenany Group distributes chicks to poultry farms in all governorates of Egypt.

Types of chicks provided by Al-Kenany Group:

  • white chick
  • Russians cup
  • Arbo
  • IR
  • Modified IVIAN
  • sasu chick
  • Red chevre
انواع الكتاكيت
elkenany chicks

EL-Kenani Group visitors, we have presented you with the most important information about EL-Kenany Group in this article, We hope that we have provided you with all the details clearly with all credibility and transparency. We hope to provide you with all the new updates.



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