Al-Kenany participated in the distinguished attendance at the Egplex exhibition, which was held on the grounds of Kafr El-Sheikh, and the exhibition included pioneer companies: “Poultry, animal and fish production.

Al-Kenany was one of the companies supporting the exhibition and the list of attendees in the exhibition hall.

The Egyplex exhibition 2022 was opened for the production companies “Poultry, Animal and Fish” on Thursday and Friday, 17-18 March 2022 in the presence of the senior Messrs. Dr. Muhammad Bashar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Veterinary Medicine and Director of the Veterinary Medicine Directorate in Kafr El-Sheikh

with Dr. Nashaat Abdel Bari, Captain of Veterinarians Syndicate in Kafr El-Sheikh Dr. Youssef Al-Abed, Chairman of the Veterinary Medicines Committee of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and Hani Yahya, representing the Directorate of Agriculture in Kafr El-Sheikh, and many executives and popular persons and investors in the poultry, animal, and fish production sector.

In addition to the presence of senior consultants, supervisors, doctors, and specialists in the related fields, and receiving strong questions and advice from the attendees from “owners of companies in the covered hall in Kafr El-Sheikh in the City Club.”

The exhibition received great breeders and workers in the field of poultry, animal, and fish production, as the organizers decided to make the invitation “free” to encourage gentlemen working in the field to attend and contribute to the development of these fields.

EL-Kenani Group visitors, we have presented you with the most important information about the Egyplex exhibition in this article, We hope that we have provided you with all the details clearly with all credibility and transparency. We hope to provide you with all  the new updates.

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