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El-kenany Group Ukraine corn ship in Damietta port

Dr. Gamal El-Kenany, CEO of El-Kenany Group, confirmed that he went to the port of Damietta on Thursday, June 23, 2022, to receive the incoming Ukrainian corn ship and check its quality because the most important value we offer to our valued customers is the quality of commodities that we provide in the Egyptian market

Damietta port
Damietta port

Based on the superior quality of our commodities, the last Ukrainian corn was sold within 48 hours by the valued customers by direct withdrawal from the ship.

And now we announce the receipt of the new boat and review the quality of the commodities, and we promise you to continue personal follow-up by the CEO, Dr. Gamal El-Kenany, and to provide the best service for the finest “corn-soy” commodities for the Egyptian market

In order to save the time and effort of our customers and to facilitate them, El-Kenany tried to reduce the steps for requesting the commodities or materials and provided another method besides direct communication with the sales service, which is to register the customer’s data on the site on the page for reservation and purchase of commodities

Tap this link for Registration:

EL-Kenany Group visitors, we have presented you with the most important information about EL-Kenany Group’s Damietta port in this article, We hope that we have provided you with all the details clearly with all credibility and transparency. We hope to provide you with all the new updates.


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