Yellow corn benefits:

Corn is a major food source in the world. Especially in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, and a major food source in developing countries. Corn has food uses such as “grains, flour, syrup or oil” or non-food industries such as (cosmetics, adhesives, paints, and varnishes).

Corn starch and corn oil are also major products of corn, corn kernels, are a major food source in the diets of livestock and poultry, and it is used as an energy source. Products made from maize processing such as flour (such as maize porridge, fodder, wheat bran, and oil), starch (corn gluten, corn gluten meal), alcohol, and biofuels (a distillation of dry grains, DDG) can be fed as animal feed.

The best corn production around the world:

The United States produces about 40% of the world’s production, and Brazil, China, Mexico, Indonesia, India, France, and Argentina are the highest producers of corn.

Corn usages:

Corn kernels are palatable and suitable for all domesticated herds, and it is considered the most valuable source of energy among the cereals. It contains a high percentage of starch (65%) and about (4%) of oil and low content of fiber (10%).

Corn starch is less ready to ferment than the other starch of other grains, the type of protein in corn grains is zain and gluten, it contains a small percentage of lysine and tryptophan, and therefore it is necessary to add amino acids with corn for the animal

Corn kernels contain a small percentage of calcium, and about 75% of the phosphorous is bound to phytic acid, which makes it difficult for the animal to absorb it in addition to calcium.

Yellow corn contains a higher percentage of vitamin A than sorghum, which is why yellow corn is preferred for poultry, and also corn grains contain very low levels of niacin.

The best uses of corn in poultry feed:

In poultry, corn is preferred because it contains easily digestible starch, low content of fiber, and a relatively high content of oil that results in high energy. It is fed in high proportions in broiler and laying poultry. Corn oil is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids such as acid Linolenic.

Yellow and white corn are equal in energy, protein, and minerals, but yellow corn differs in that it contains the pigment carotene and cryptoxanthin, which are very important for the pigment of the egg yolk, and more than that, birds are attracted to the yellow color of the grain, which is milled to be of medium size or fine To be included in the granulated feed

yellow corn
yellow corn

The “5” products resulting from corn processing and used in poultry feed:

1- corn oil

2- corn gluten

3- Glutofed

4- Distilled Corn Grain (DDGS-WDGS)

5- corn bran


Corn is subject to the growth of fungi that produce many mycotoxins that have a negative and harmful effect on animal health. Therefore, evaluating the quality of corn before it is fed to the herds is obligatory, and testing it to measure the levels of mycotoxins in it, There are four types of mycotoxins that may be found in Maize :

1- Aflatoxins

It may reduce growth rate and affect nutritional efficiency, in addition to its effect on liver function (hepatitis). Its levels should not exceed 20 parts per million

2- vomitoxin

It has another name, Deoxynivalenol, and its symptoms are weight loss, reduced food conversion, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, severe inflammation in the layers of the skin, and a decrease in the production of eggs in the white.

3- Zearalenone

It should not exceed 5 parts per million, and if it increases, it affects production rates.

4- Ocratoxins

 Its symptoms are summarized in a defect in kidney function, reducing the growth rate, affecting the eggshell, and decreasing production rates and its rates should not exceed 8 parts per million.

yellow corn
yellow corn

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