Lookup Studio

Lookup Studio is an Egypt-based photography and videography studio. We specialize in capturing the essence of your brand with creativity and precision as we transform your vision into stunning visuals that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our services span a wide array of genres, from events and fashion to food and products.

Lookup studio - Elkenany Group

Lookup Studio’s clientele portfolio is diverse, with various individuals and entities, including content creators, corporate clients, personal brands, social media influencers, event planners, hospitality and real estate businesses, as well as establishments such as lounges and restaurants. 

Whether they seek to enhance their brand presence, document a memorable occasion, or show their offerings in the best light, Lookup Studio is committed to exceeding expectations and delivering breathtaking visual content that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Photography:

Events, fashion, food, products, and real estate business photoshoots.

  • Videography:

Full video recording, conferences, parties, meetings, workshops, visual podcasts, and debates.

  • Filmmaking:

Documentaries, script writing, event promos, interviews, and TV programs.

  • Sound Production:

Audio recording, audio podcasting, editing, music production, and sound design.