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Elkenany Group’s Steps Toward Customers’ Satisfaction

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Elkenany Group has adopted new practices to enhance service levels and improve customer satisfaction. Dr. Gamal Elkenany, the CEO, ensured that the company is fully committed to service excellence in distributing feed raw materials through:

  1.  Service speed
  2.  Quality of service
  3.  Accuracy and guarantee
  4.  Reduce links and steps
  5.  lowest price in the market

Elkenany Group | a premier importer of commodities

Elkenany Group positioned itself as a leading importer of feed raw materials in Egypt. The company supported the market with the necessary commodities at competitive prices and the fastest delivery across all governorates. In addition, it provides support for all traders, from factories to producers and breeders nationwide.

  New techniques employed

The company adopted the direct pull-out practice, which allows the customers to pull out their commodities directly from the ship, skipping all the traditional storage processes. This technique saves time for the customers and ensures the quality and nutritional value of the grains. To ensure that, Elkenany Group employs the latest methods and technologies to unload the shipments efficiently, ensuring the lowest rates of waste and preserving the nutritional value of the commodities.

Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement  

After two days of trial, Elkenany Group conducted a poll to test customers’ satisfaction with modern technologies’ usage. The poll results were extremely positive, emphasizing customers’ satisfaction and their eagerness for further service improvements. This result is considered a testament to Dr. Gamal Elkenany’s successful vision. Also, it highlights his support for the Egyptian market, especially during economic fluctuations and challenges like the Ukraine war, which impacted feed raw material availability and prices.

Dr. Gamal Elkenany’s proactive approach heavily contributed to economic stability, providing continuous support to the feed raw material market. He provided continuous supply even during global disruptions, responding to market needs. His strategic thinking revived the market and set new standards for service excellence, positioning himself as a market leader. Stay tuned for more updates on Elkenany Group’s initiatives and developments.