Elkenany Group Supports Al-Rabab Arabian Horses Contest

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Elkenany Group recently supported purebred Arabian horses by attending the Al-Rabab competition. Elkenany is a key player in the agricultural and veterinary sectors and actively participates in such festivals and competitions across various sectors nationwide. This prestigious competition was held from March 10–11, 2022, to celebrate the beauty of purebred Arabian horses at Al-Rabab Farm’s “Open Arena.” Elkenany Group enthusiastically joined this event and provided sponsorship support through its website and promotional activities.

A prestigious event

The competition was organized by the “Egyptian Arabian Horse Breeders Association” and included contestants and judges from several countries, including Egypt, Bahrain, Italy, Belgium, Kuwait, Germany, and the UAE. Note that the judging panel consisted of 8 judges, with 7 in the exhibition arena, and the eighth being a replacement.

Promoting Arabian horse heritage

Elkenany Group is keen to celebrate the rich heritage of Arabian horses by sponsoring and participating in these activities. It contributes to preserving Arabian horses’ unique qualities, ensuring their legacy lasts for a lifetime. This commitment to heritage and tradition underscores Elkenany’s broader mission of supporting the agricultural and veterinary sectors in Egypt and beyond.

Awarding excellence

Dr. Gamal, the CEO of Elkenany Group, participated in handing out prizes to the winners at the end of the competition on March 11, 2022. This is a testament to the group’s commitment to excellence and its role in promoting a competitive spirit within the Arabian horse community. Elkenany Group visitors, we have provided you with all the important information about the Al-Rabab competition in this article. Stay tuned for more updates on Elkenany Group’s supporting efforts for Arabian horses’ legacy.