Elkenany Group at Vetagro Expo 2022| Poultry Innovations

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Elkenany Group was keen to attend the fourth edition of the Vetagro exhibition for poultry and animal production in Luxor from January 26–28, 2022. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub Azzouz, President of Luxor University, and Mohamed Abdel Qader, Deputy Governor of Luxor. Elkenany Group’s participation highlights its commitment to contribute to the advancement of the poultry industry and animal production sectors in Egypt.

Successful partnership with Tiba Company

A highlight of the Vetagro exhibition was the participation of Tiba Company, a reputable sponsor of Elkenany Platform and a successful partner in the event. Tiba Company carried out several activities during the exhibition, supported by Elkenany Group, reflecting their strong mutual goals of enhancing the poultry industry.

Diversity and impact of participating companies

Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub, President of Luxor University, expressed his gratitude for the participation of diverse companies from Luxor and Upper Egypt governorates, contributing to the development goals of the event. Consequently, this diversity was a contributing factor in the exchange of ideas between business owners and individuals participating in the event. At the end of the opening ceremony, Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub honored the Deputy Governor of Luxor and the participating companies with a shield for their efforts. As such, this exhibition’s objective is to attract large companies and factories to this field, thereby contributing to its growth and development.

Advanced techniques for quality assurance

Elkenany Group is one of the leaders in this field, showcasing new technological advancements for quality assurance. These advancements include modern methods for unloading the ships and direct pull-out service by the customers, ensuring providing them with the highest quality feed raw materials. It also guarantees the nutritional value of grains is preserved with the lowest waste rates, reinforcing Elkenany’s commitment to providing high-quality products to their customers. Elkenany Group visitors, we have presented you with the most important information about the Vetagro exhibition in this article. We hope we have provided you with all the details clearly and with all credibility and transparency. Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to advance the poultry and animal production sectors in Egypt.