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Elkenany Group at the El-Beheira Arabian Horse Festival

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Elkenany Group’s services for Arabian horses

Elkenany Group is well-known for its interest in exhibitions, seminars, and festivals related to the agricultural and veterinary sectors, including poultry, animal, fish, and Arabian horse sectors. Elkenany is actively supporting the Arabian horse sector by offering various services through its platform, including: – The Horses’ Companies’ Guide – The Arabian Horse Exchange, including feed and additives for horses – Arabian horse news – Elkenany’s market for the sale and purchase of horse supplies.

El-Beheira International Arabian Horse Festival

In line with its support of the Arabian horse sector, Elkenany Group attended the “El-Beheira International Arabian Horse” festival, celebrating the beauty of Arabian horses. It was held in Beheira Governorate from February 17–19, 2022. The festival drew participants and horse enthusiasts from various regions.

Festival highlights and participation

The festival hosted a series of events and competitions focusing on the beauty of Arabian horses. Elkenany Groups, led by Dr. Gamal Elkenany, the CEO, actively engaged with participants and spectators and distributed prizes to the winners. This is a testament to the company’s key role and support for the sector.

Elkenany Group is consistently reinforcing its position in this sector by actively participating in major events such as the El-Beheira International Festival. The group offers specialized services and maintains a strong presence in the community, ensuring its role as a key player in promoting and supporting the beauty and heritage of Arabian horses.

Elkenany Group visitors, in this article, we have presented important information about the “El-Beheira festival.” Stay tuned for more updates on future events and activities.