corn ship
corn ship

critical steps from Al-Kenany toward his customers

Al-Kenany explained that during the last period he made a lot of effort to raise the level of service to his customers, including the service of distributing feed raw materials and its development through:

  • Service speed
  • Quality of service
  • Accuracy & guarantee
  • Reduce links
  • Provide the lowest price in the market

Al-Kenany becomes an importer of commodities 

This was an attempt to provide its customers with competitive service in the feed raw materials market. Accordingly, Al-Kenany provided an import of the commodities needed by the Egyptian market as a service and support for it to be the first and owner of the raw materials, as it would be the fastest delivery service for wholesalers at the level of all governorates ..This service is characterized by providing the lowest price in the market to support factories, producers, and every Egyptian breeder

The direct pull out service also characterizes it from the boat in order to ensure the time of our customers and the speed of implementation of the pull-out process and the merchant does not have to pull out from the store

Al-Kenany worked to provide the latest methods and modern technologies for unloading the boat and direct pull out to ensure the quality of extracting the bean and placing it in the means of transportation for customers or storing it in the best ways that guarantee the lowest wastage rates and preserving the nutritional value of the grains

After the practical experience over the past two days and conducting an opinion poll, Al-Kenany received his customers’ opinions on the new service’s level, which proved customer satisfaction and their desire to wait for further development.

Corn ship
Corn ship

This was based on the decision of the CEO of the Al-Kenany Group, Dr. Gamal Al-Kenany, to thank him for his efforts in attempts to support the Egyptian market in various ways and his contribution to keeping the raw materials market in constant stability, especially during the emergence of the Ukraine war, the lack of raw materials available in the Egyptian market and the high prices, This was his role in maintaining the support of this field and reviving it again

EL-Kenany Group visitors, we have presented you with the most important information about EL-Kenany Group’s critical steps in this article, We hope that we have provided you with all the details clearly with all credibility and transparency. We hope to provide you with all the new updates.

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