Accountant Manager

Accountant Manager

Accountant manager – Elmansoura – Al-Dakahlia

Job Details

  • “Males & Females are allowed ” Accountant manager is required to work at the company’s headquarters in Elmansoura – Al-Dakahlia
  • Experienced  Needed 5 years as a minimum of working experience
  • Education Level: commerce Bachelor’s Degree
  • Age: 30: 50 years is required
  • Candidates must be from “Elmansoura – Al-Dakahlia
  • Must have computer skills and proficiency 

  • Full proficiency in Office programs, especially Excel, is required

  • Experience in the field of import and export is required

  • English level is good

  • Working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm.

Job Benefits

  • Salary: rewarding salary
  • Medical Insurance
  • Social Insurance

  • Job: Full time 

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